Bridging a Vision of Affordable Housing & Economic Development through Solution Based Public-Private Partnerships.

As a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) our main purpose is to develop safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income persons within our communities. We are currently managing housing improvement projects to provide housing for Seniors, Veterans and Workforce. As a non-profit membership organization our passion is in our Mission!

It’s All In Our Mission…

Florida S.P.E.C.S. was founded to assist local governments in the development and management of decent, safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income persons.

Florida SPECS achieves this mission by providing the following services:

  • Assistance to local governments in implementation of the affordable housing element of their Consolidated Plans.
  • As a Community Housing Development Agency, Florida SPECS develops affordable single and multi-family housing units.
  • A Resource Web-Directory offering housing information and referral services to Florida residents about affordable housing alternatives available to them in their community.
  • To expand the opportunities available to persons or families to own, manage and operate business enterprises by furthering the development of locally owned and operated business enterprises in economically underprivileged or depressed areas.
  • To assist said residents and groups in developing entrepreneurial and management skills necessary for the successful operation of business enterprises in hope of lifting them above the poverty line.

In accomplishing this mission, Florida SPECS establishes partnerships with governments and professional business organizations to develop, acquire, rehabilitate and manage low cost housing units which are sold or rented to individuals and families well below market rate.

Join Us in Building Effective Partnerships …

Florida SPECS has been successful largely due to the effective partnerships we have been able to forge. We believe strongly in the principal of teamwork because we know that is at the very heart of a healthy community. As a non profit membership organization we strive to bring people and organizations together to solve community-based challenges. Whether you are a For-Profit, Non-Profit or Public Sector Organization, we encourage you to Contact Us and see how you can join us in forging effective solution-based public-private partnerships to build healthy communities.

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