Executive Director

Experience that Bridges the Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors…

Mr RT Hillery has dedicated his life to the service of others, a trait that was instilled in him growing up from his father RL Hillery, DD, founder and Bishop of the Victory Temple of God Church in Sanford Florida. RT spent over 17 years working in the Government with the Cities of Sanford and Winter Springs where he successfully built public-private partnerships and accomplished major projects that fueled economic development for his community including:

  • Provide new construction and substantial rehabilitation of multi-family rental units or development of single family housing with homebuyer assistance programs.
  • Manage the City of Kissimmee NSP Programs and increased responsibilities to include new construction in addition to rehab projects.
  • Obtain, manage and rehab houses in Seminole, Osceola, Orange, Volusia and Leon Counties.
  • Develop the Sanford Lofts, a multi-story mixed use project offering affordable housing for seniors in addition to retail space.
  • Collaborate with Harvest Time International to Develop and Market the Regional Solution for Homelessness Project, including architectural design & planning.
  • Leveraged public/private experience to obtain support from all seven cities in Seminole County and beyond for the TheRegionalSolution.org.
  • Coordinated organizations and volunteers for events that attracted as many as 75,000 visitors.
  • Part of the Management Team that planned, developed & marketed the City of Sanford’s $20 million renovation of the Historic Stadium, Chase Park, LAD Pool, Riverwalk & 1st Street Landscape projects.

Founder & Executive Director, RT Hillery, has dedicated
his life to developing relationships, and forging
public-private partnerships that help to
bridge the vision of Affordable Housing & Economic Development.

Taking His Public Sector Experience to the Private Market …

In January 2004 RT decided it was time to pursue his personal dreams of working in the private sector while still serving the community. Economic Development and helping non-profits has always been a passion for RT, so he started RLH Consulting and Management.  With the ultimate vision of Florida SPECS in mind RT went to work attending every HUD Convention he could find and forged strong relationships with non-profts and Municipalities, building public-private partnerships along the way.

By January 2008 Florida SPECS, Inc., a non-profit HUD Certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) was born. Mr. RT Hillery serves as the Executive Director and remains as passionate as ever in the main purpose to develop safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income persons within our communities.

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