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Regional Solution for Homelessness

This s a project that Florida SPECS is particularly proud of, and one that showcase’s RT’s ability to build solutions-based public-private partnerships while leveraging his experience with non-profits, governments, HUD and the private sector. This idea was the dream of Pastor John Murphy and his wife Mary of HarvestTime International. He had worked with other developers, but could never seem to get back the planning he had envisioned.

RT Hillery and Florida SPECS was able to collaborate with Pastor John Murphy and wife Mary Murphy to deliver the complete solution that includes housing, clothing, food, counseling, health services, training, spiritual support and case management.  RT was able to use his depth of experience and understanding of the issues to forge cross community partnerships that could assist in creating a sustainable network of dedicated support providers to meet the needs of the homeless within our region.  More importantly RT was able to develop a model that all Seminole County Cities support and officials have recognized national model for others to follow.

We invite you to watch the videos to learn more about the project or visit:

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